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The babyTEL Boost promotion offers the features of the All-In hosted telephone service and gives you the phones for free. This promotion is a limited time offer and may expire without notice.

Contact us to sign up, or if you have any questions, or you can see more details by clicking on an image below.

Boot Promotion

Boost Promotion - All-In Extension¹

Options included in the babyTEL Boost promotion

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling to Canada² and the USA²

  • Choose a deskphone, or use a software phone (available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, & Blackberry)

  • Free telephones - See the phone models in the promotion details by clicking on a Boost image above.

  • Users can connect their phones anywhere through a high speed Internet connection

  • A single administrator can set up and manage multiple locations

  • All the expected features as if you had installed an on-premise phone system

  • Voicemail to e-mail and transcription to text

  • A telephone number for your company, and individual numbers for every user

  • An automated attendant for your business, programmable to your needs

  • FREE calls between babyTEL users worldwide

  • 911 emergency service

  • Option to keep your existing number

  • Toll free numbers available

  • No contract

Consult the babyTEL international rates table to see how you can save on calls made outside of Canada and the USA.

The only models of telephones that will be activated on this services are the ones offered by babyTEL.

Add Toll Free Numbers for 5$* per month

Offer toll free calling to your customers.

Getting a toll free number is a simple two step process. First, choose one of the babyTEL plans on this page that meets your needs and complete the sign up process. Second, access your online babyTEL account and add a toll free number.

  • Canada³ and US³ Toll-Free numbers used with a babyTEL voice plan:

    • Activation fee of 10.00$

    • Monthly fee of 5.00$

    • 125 minutes included

    • 2.9¢ per excess minute

  • Canada³ and US³ Toll-Free numbers used with a babyTEL fax plan:

    • Activation fee of 10.00$

    • Monthly fee of 5.00$

    • 100 minutes included

    • 3.5¢ per excess minute

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Toll Free

¹ Phone lines are assigned to a business based on the 1 + 3 rule.
  (example : 1 telephone extension = 4 telephone lines; 3 telephone extensions = 6 telephone lines)
² Except Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Alaska.
³ USA/Canada numbers can only be called from Canada or USA unless the caller is a babyTEL user.
* Taxes, regulatory fees and other applicable charges are extra.

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