Headsets from Jabra and Plantronics offer unsurpassed sound quality in both corded and wireless versions of the products. Wireless versions offer you the flexibility to leave your desk while talking on the phone and with the optional EHS, or handset lifter, you can even pick up and hang up calls from a distance.

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Jabra Cordless Headsets and Accessories

Jabra Engage 75 Mono
Cordless headset with Bluetooth, USB and touchscreen
Jabra Engage 65 Mono
Cordless headset for deskphone and softphone
Pro 920
Cordless headset
GN1000 Lifter
Handset lifter for cordless headsets
Jabra BusyLight
Visual indication when on phone
for Jabra Pro 94xx and GN93xx
EHS36 E-Lifter
EHS device compatible with
FON-370i, 470i and FON-570 phones
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Plantronics Cordless Headsets and Accessories

Plantronics CS540
Cordless headset with three wearing
options and long range
Plantronics CS510
Cordless headset
APD-80 EHS Cable
EHS device compatible with
FON-375 and FON-475
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Jabra Corded Headsets and Accessories

Biz 2300M
Monaural, noise cancelling headset, kevlar reinforced
Biz 2300D
Binaural, noise cancelling headset, kevlar reinforced
GN1200 Quick Connect
Quick connect cable for corded headsets
Biz 1500M
Monaural, noise cancelling headset
Biz 1500D
Binaural, noise cancelling headset
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